Singing Exercises For Children – 4 To Explore

Singing Exercises For Children

As a mother or father, you have a wonderful opportunity to shape your child’s destiny. If they want to be a singer, you can help them progress along the path of learning and growth. This article will outline four singing exercises for children, which you can use to harness your child’s potential and help them become a better singer.

If your child is young, singing is not so much about technical skill but teaching them to enjoy the beautiful sounds that their vocal chords can make and appreciate sound and music. So focus first on making sure they are having fun and that they are in a supportive environment, the technical stuff can come at a later stage.

Exercise One – Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

Play your child a whole range of songs and music from many different sources. Play them rock, classical, jazz, pop, soul, R&B, etc. Expand their musical horizons and expose them to many different tastes of music. This will help them to appreciate all different types of music from a wide range of genres. You could also introduce them to music from all around the world.

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As you play them different genres of music, a great exercise to get them to do, is to have them close their eyes and really get a sense of the music. Tell them to listen to each tiny part of the music, allow them to close their eyes and let their imagination sail away. Ask them what they see in their mind as they listen and what they feel. Get them to describe it to you in detail. Doing this will help them connect with the music and vocals on a whole new level.

Exercise Two – Learn Different Tones.

As your child sings various songs, point out some of the finer details to them such as the pitch at which the song is being sung and the melody. Expose them to different tones of the voice and point out which one is which. Such as Alto, Contralto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano, Baritone, and Tenor.

Even if you cannot sing all that well, show your child how to produce different tones in your voice and get them to try the same thing. Learning how to control the voice can be challenging but it’s essential if your child wants to become a talented singer.

Exercise Three – Flex, Stretch, And Breathe.

Teaching your child to sing using good posture and breathing are essential. Show them the basics of belly breathing (breathing from the lower stomach) instead of upper chest breathing. Show them how to stand erect and not to hunch over and restrict their breathing.

After they have spent a few minutes on belly breathing and posture, get them to practice hissing, humming, ah-ing and buzzing. Help them to produce clear and distinct sounds and guide them in using their body posture, breathing, mouth, and vocal chords to do this properly.

Exercise Four – Basic Ear Training.

Use a piano or a keyboard to the following exercise. Start with a basic chord and choose five notes. As you hit a note, ask your child to try to match the pitch with their voice and then go up and down the scale. This can take some practice as sometimes children cannot immediately hear any difference in pitch. To help them you can raise and lower you hand as you change pitch to help them understand the concept better.

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Remember, whichever singing exercises for children you choose, do your best to make them fun and enjoyable. Don’t be too hard on them! Let them appreciate and explore the wonder of music in all its depths and layers. Best of luck!